Back on track :-)

Back on track :-)

Catherine Brennan

How have you all been? A bunch of emotions have been affecting us all over the last few months. The work and general life changes made us appreciate small things but at the same time it doesn't mean that we are stress free and most likely quite opposite.
On the bright side, the business is back to sort of normal which I greatly appreciate and obviously would love to hear from you if you find that my services could improve not just your home look but also improve your mental being. The space we live in affects how we feel, how much we can relax and increases our happiness.

So over the past couple of months I designed my daughter's bedroom with a small office zone, the living room has been repainted including hallway, garden has been tied up, pavement slabs jet washed, all the kitchen units cleaned inside, general decluttering of the house means that I have lots to give to charity but also I can see the space and breath again :-)

Over the next few months I promised myself to update and do makeover of the website, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The progress is slow and sometimes I feel like I have done nothing. I love creativity, design process, looking for inspirations to create homes you are proud of and homes that you simply love. So that's my plan. Less worrying, less listening to news, less negativity and push for progress, change, believe!