The Story

A picture of Catherine Brennan of New Forest Designs in Lyndhurst. Catherine provides Home Interior Design services including; bespoke blinds, handmade curtains made to order and design, upholstery and magic touches to turn your house into a home. Contact Catherine on 07554 634 212 to discuss your home improvement project.

The Story of New Forest Designs

Some time ago in Krakow a little girl called Kasia discovered a passion for dancing and art. She was told it would never bring her fame or money and to follow her brain instead of heart. This discouraging message stuck with Kasia and led her to study tourism and recreation management, with the word management in the title she was bound to be successful right? Her love for travelling also encouraged her to hope that this career path would propel her into an active and exciting life. Sadly, after six long years of study and a further 5 years working in hotels across Ireland and England, Kasia realized that she was unhappy and unfulfilled in life, owing to her ill-suited choice of career.

That little girl Kasia was me, Catherine. At this unhappy stage of my life I decided to make some changes for the better and undertook a variety of fitness courses to satisfy by burning desire to be active and creative through dance and fitness. Whilst being a dance and fitness instructor in my spare time certainly fulfilled part of my creative nature, it wasn't enough. Seeking new pastures, I began working as a document controller, then a design controller on big construction sites. Despite the grand job titles the roles were not exciting and boredom set in. Time spent in these roles were not completely wasted as I learned how to build and use drawings. However, creativity was still calling me. I longed for art and craft and to re-ignite the smoldering embers of my passion to create beautiful things. It dawned on me that in-fact, the final stages of the building process is where I belonged, I could find my place in the realms of interior design.

I felt alive again knowing that great things were going to happen.

It took three residential projects to design and renovate, three years to study interior design and taking professional curtains, blinds, pelmets, cushions and upholstery courses, and a whole lot of intensive practice until I gained enough confidence, experience and skills to label myself a professional interior designer.

Then things started to get really exciting.

I set up New Forest Designs and I have never looked back. I followed my heart and I am proud of it. I found where my passion is and as the business grew, I understood that the brand isn't the business it is me.

So, when you ask me to design your house you don't only get qualified expertise, you get my entire heart. I will design your house so that an impersonal space becomes your beloved home, and one you love to share with family and friends.

When you enlist the services of New Forest Designs you can expect so much more than just a design. I will create the magical touches, the highest quality handmade curtains, bespoke blinds, uplifting upholstery and more.

I call it Home Design.